Do Your Detective Work with These Five Free Tracking Tools

Anyone who’s invested in having an online presence should have ways to track their website, blog, and competition. They should know if they are getting a reasonable return on their investment or if they need to kick their current online marketing strategy to the curb. I turned to the Tracking tab of Annie Cushing’s Must-Have Tools Google doc and found these five little gems. Hopefully you can use them to see if your presence online is all you think it is.

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SiteTrail is a Chrome extension that shows information such as the site rank, site value, server location, site traffic, SEO statistics, site analytics and more by clicking on the right-click menu.




ClickTale is a tool for tracking what your users are doing on your website. You can get recordings of your visitors’ sessions on your site, conversion reports, real-time monitoring reports, mouse click heat maps, and get videos of the points when visitors fell out of a conversion funnel, among other things for free.



Page Monitor

Page Monitor is a Chrome extension that allows you to monitor any number of web pages at a time for changes. Users can set up custom check intervals and alerts for different web pages. A notification pops up on the app icon when a change has been made on a site you are monitoring.

The app highlights changes that have happened on a page since it was last checked. Green highlights show content that has been added and red shows content that was deleted since you last checked.

page monitor

page monitor highlights

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith is a Chrome extension that allows you to see what the website you are visiting was built with; such as widgets, analytics, frameworks, publishing, advertising, hosting software, etc. Once a user clicks the icon, the tool returns all the technologies it can find on that web page.


Five Second Test

Five Second Test is a user testing program that allows you to test any website, logo, or design in a variety of ways. Users can do simple tests of other peoples’ designs to earn karma points. One karma point translates to one response on a test of yours. You get 20 just for signing up and since each test is easy to quickly complete, you can gain a lot of karma points very easily.

You can chose from one of these three tests:

  • Five Second Test
  • Click Test
  • Navigation Flow Test

five second test



With these tracking tools you’ll be an online performance sleuth in no time.

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What online tracking tools are you using?

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