Twitter Releases Brand Management Feature For Advertisers

On Monday, October 26 Twitter announced their newest analytics tool, Brand Hub. With tweets about businesses being published each day, Twitter did a favor to their advertisers and designed a brand management tool. In doing so, they have also created an idea pool for business owners to generate new ideas for their company, while monitoring their brand.

What is Brand Hub?

Brand Hub is Twitter’s new conversation tracker. By connecting conversations about specific companies, marketers are able to track what advertising channels are saying about their brand. This type of information helps business owners develop new products, offer better services and correct branding mistakes. Brand Hub is designed to simplify the overall tracking process for marketers and allow a one stop place for brand management.


Who is Brand Hub Available to?

Like most new marketing releases, Brand Hub is currently only available to a select few. Twitter has released the tool exclusively to large brand advertisers and medium-sized businesses in English-speaking countries. Similar to what Pinterest did when they released Promoted Pins and Instagram when they released advertising spots, businesses can request accesss to join. To see if your brand is eligible, visit or log in to and choose Brand Hub. If Brand Hub isn’t appearing for your account, you’ll need to connect with your account team.

How Can Brand Hub Help Marketers?

A tool like this can help marketers enhance their efforts, while monitoring how their brand is discussed on Twitter.  Using TrueVoice™, a metric within Brand Hub, advertisers can track conversations in real time, instead of missing the ball on new branding opportunities. TrueVoice™ works by analyzing different Tweets about a brand and it’s competitors. Using that information, TrueVoice™ can identify what percentage of impressions are owned by the brand and which impressions they’re missing out on. Having the ability to track impressions, engagement, and mentions in real time separates your brand from the rest and gives you the ability to react immediately.

Twitter reached out to a few of their clients and asked how they would implement a tool like Brand Hub with their marketing efforts.

“I could see this information better informing our client’s content and media strategies, especially during key competitive periods — it provides agencies direct insight into competitive activity and brand conversations, which allows us to recommend real-time shifts in content and media strategies and ultimately, drive better results.”

Christine HickeyMedia Director, Performics

Not only does Brand Hub provide real time results about brand conversations, but also provides in-depth information about the audiences discussing the brand. As marketers and business owners, you’re going to want to know everything about the person tweeting about your brand.

Where do they live?

How old are they?

What do they do for a living?


How much do they make annually?

Using information from Twitter data and Twitter Official Partners, Brand Hub is able to provide the answer to each of these questions, while keeping individual user data private. This will help advertisers target their top brand influencers, as well as create a new demographic for future advertisements.


If you were given access to Brand Hub would you use it? Comment below with your take on Twitter’s new branding tool.


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