Danny Sullivan Explains the Evolution of Search

History is important, with any subject. With SEO it is important that people know how things started and how they evolved. Why? Because if you understand how algorithms have slowly evolved you can perhaps gain some insight into what will continue to change in the future. With a solid education in search you can anticipate what changes are coming. If you are hoping to be good at SEO you need to learn how to anticipate, know what to look for and how to read into what the search engines tell you.

In the video below Danny Sullivan, a Jedi SEO and Founding Editor of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, breaks down the evolution of search and explains how things worked in the beginning and how they have evolved. Throughout this video you will learn about different aspects of search engines and you will gain some good insights on what is coming in the future.

If you want to be successful with SEO, from this point forward, I highly recommend you learn about the history of search and you can start by watching this video.

Danny discusses:

  • Links
  • Social
  • The Knowledge Graph
  • No Page, Conversational Search and Search 5.0

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