Server HTTP Response Monitoring Now in AuthorityLabs

Here at AuthorityLabs, we monitor SERP data for a lot of URLs. When someone adds a domain or URL to track, they are expecting it to respond correctly when accessed by users and search engines. In some cases, there may be a typo, incorrect TLD, or site issue that results in a response other than what is expected. Incorrect responses could cause issues with your ranking data. In order to help report and troubleshoot these issues, we’ve added a response indicator to the dashboard. This indicator is a small color coded box next to your tracked domain or URL.

Response Indicator

If the indicator is green, the URL appears to be responding correctly. If there is a red indicator, we would recommend looking into possible issues with the URL. Hover over the indicator and you will see a tooltip with more information. For example, is currently responding with a 302 and redirects to We see that as a problem and report it accordingly. It should be a 301 redirect, which we would recognize and report with a green indicator. 302 response

This feature will be evolving and if anyone has input on how they would like to see this reporting, we’re all ears.

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