AuthorityLabs Pubcon Vegas Discount and Scavenger Hunt

When we go to Vegas, we love to win and we know you do too. Starting Monday, October 21, we will be posting tasks on Twitter, Facebook, and Google + so that you can win. The first person to complete each task will win a prize such as chips to gamble with, a free AuthorityLabs account for a year, or an iPad. If you’re not the first person to complete a task, we will still have AuthorityLabs t-shirts, pint glasses, and other goodies to give out until we run out.

How to Play

If you’re in Vegas for Pubcon, you’re all set to play. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for tasks to complete. These are mostly easy to complete tasks and will involve either posting to Twitter using the #ALPubcon hashtag or finding one of the 4 AuthorityLabs representatives that are at Pubcon. AuthorityLabs will make the final decision on the winner of each task and present the winner with a prize. There will be a minimum of 20 tasks available to complete. Make sure you hold onto your badge insert. It will be needed for some tasks.

The Prizes

The top prizes for each task include $50-100 in gaming chips, free drinks for you and your friends, AuthorityLabs accounts, a few mystery prizes, and an iPad.

Want to Win the iPad?

The first person to complete 10 tasks will win the iPad, regardless of whether they were the first to complete any of the tasks. This means that even if you aren’t the fastest on each individual task, you’re still in the running for the iPad if you put in the effort to complete each one.

Want a Discount on AuthorityLabs?

Sign up for a new AuthorityLabs account between October 21, 2013 and October 24, 2013 and give your business card to one of the 4 AuthorityLabs representatives that are at Pubcon and we will set you up with 20% off your first 6 months of AuthorityLabs. We rarely offer discounts, so make sure to get in on this. We’re confident that you’ll love the data.

Who are These AuthorityLabs Representatives?

There are 4 of AuthorityLabs representatives at Pubcon. Chase Granberry Mike Benner Brian LaFrance Steve Swedler

Anything Else?

It’s Vegas. Have fun 🙂

What are the tasks so far?

Task Prizes Winner
Tweet a pic with an Elvis impersonator 1 Year free Pro Account Greg Gifford
Picture with Cleopatra in Ceasars Palace Mystery prize Greg Gifford
Tweet a pic with Mike’s AuthorityLabs tattoo Mystery prize Greg Gifford
Get half a pound of orange M&Ms $50 in chips Greg Gifford
Bring back coin buckets from three casinos 1 Year free Pro Account
Take a pic with a couple who just got married $100 in chips
Bring back a guitar pick with Hard Rock logo Drinks on us!* Greg Gifford
Ride the record-breaking “El Loco” coaster Drinks on us!*
Get 5 free club entry passes from the strip $50 in chips Greg Gifford
Tweet a pic of you with the biggest drink you can find Drinks on us!* Lynn Strickland
Tweet a pic with a cop while wearing an AL gear 1 Year free Pro Account Greg Gifford
Collect all 4 AuthorityLabs business cards 1 Year free Pro Account Daniel Vareta
Tweet a pic of yourself with a showgirl wearing AL gear 1 Year free Pro Account Greg Gifford
Bring 5 escort cards from the strip to a team member $50 in chips Greg Gifford
Photo of yourself with all the AL employees at PubCon Mystery prize
Picture wearing an AuthorityLabs t-shirt or badge insert infront of the Fountains of Bellagio $100 in chips Cesar Piñon
Picture with a sidewalk painter and their painting with AL shirt or badge insert $50 in chips
5 $5 poker chips from different casinos $100 in chips
Book of matches from 5 different Vegas bars $50 in chips
Tweet a pic with tourist who has a fanny pack 1 Year free Pro Account


*Drinks for you and 3 friends at Hard Rock center bar

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