Tag! You’re it! How to Tag Domains and Keywords in AuthorityLabs

Are you tagging your Domains and Keywords?

No? Well you should. Don’t know how? I’ll show you!

Domain Tagging

In this tutorial I walk you through how to add tags by selecting the box next to the domain name and adding a tag using the left hand toolbar. You can also add domain tags by clicking through to the domain that you want to tag. While on the domain page you can select the add tags option.


If you wanted to add your domain multiple times to track different keyword sets, you can use our tagging feature to do so. For example, I’m tracking the domain Annielytics twice in my account. I use the first one for local keywords specifically for Philly. The second version tracks everything else.


I could also group these two domain together under one client name. You can check out my Grouping and Syncing post for more details on that.

You will be able to see the tag from the dashboard page or when you scroll over the domain portion of you left side toolbar.


Tired of your tags? Simply click the “x” in the circle on the right side of the tag to remove it.

Keyword Tagging

Tags are so important while organizing your domain’s keywords. With hundreds of keywords, tagging can save hours of searching. In this tutorial Destinee walks through a quick way to add keywords. You can also follow below to learn how:

To add tags to your keywords, select the check box next to the keywords you would like to tag. The keyword actions panel will appear on the left.


Then click “Add Tags” and from there you are able to enter multiple tags.


When you have added all the tags you want, click the “Submit” button. Keyword tags are very easy to search. At the top of each domain page there is a filter option for keywords and keyword tags. How is this useful? I could look up every instance of the word book, kindle, or ebook, tag them with the “books” tag and not have to repeat that search. You could also add multiple tags to one keyword. So, I could tag kindle as a book, tablet, and portable tv.

Now that you know how to tag, and why you should tag. Go out there an tag all the things!

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