We recently released the ability to mask an AuthorityLabs account to any domain for Pro accounts. What does this mean exactly? Basically, instead of having your AuthorityLabs account show up at demo.authoritylabs.com, for example, it can live at demo.accountrank.com.

Lots of our customers have been giving clients access to their account, and now, with domain & email aliasing, those accounts are 100% white-labeled.

To access domain and email aliasing you’ll need a Pro account. Once you’re on a Pro account, create a CNAME DNS entry for the subdomain you want your account to show up on. If you want your account to show up on reporting.example.com, create a CNAME for ‘reporting’ and point it to ‘redirect.authoritylabs.com’. If you use GoDaddy to manage domains, you should see a page like this from your Domain Manager …


After you’ve done this go to your account tab > Edit Setting > Customize and set your URL to the CNAME you just created.


Notice that you can also customize the emails your account sends to users. By default, AuthorityLabs sends emails from [email protected] Make that any email address you want, and customize the from name of those emails as well. For example, the settings in the screenshot above produce a welcome email that looks like this …


If you’re an agency or consultant, using a customized AuthorityLabs account is a great way to separate yourself from the crowd.

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